DIN 33870 – 33871

Our manufacturing process meets the requirements of the DIN 33870 standard. This standard prescribes the safety of using remanufactured toners and criteria for the preparation and testing of alternative toner cartridges. Standard aims to ensure consistent quality and reliability of the product, taking care of the environmental standards of production that save resources.

Standard contains requirements and specifications that exclude the risk to the health of users during normal use of the product. It defines the processing phases, test of the suitability of used toner cartridge, cleaning and removal of worn components, replacement of worn parts, final assembly, quality requirements, lack of interference in mechanical function during use, yield as the original product, correspondence of toner adhesion to the original, health safety of the cartridge and its components.

Safety data sheets are used for every recycled toner, in accordance with Directive EU 91/155/EEC, which can be provided whenever necessary. Therefore mutagenic substances cannot be present.