International Organization for Standardization

ISO is a network of national institutes in 162 countries and it represents the world's largest institution for the development of standards and certifying of the companies. Our products and services are known for their outstanding quality.

ISO standard which is related to a defined management system, provides a framework for the management of certain activities in the company, in compliance with requirements in the business. System management of the company complies with a number of ISO standards.

ISO 9001 – Standard for Quality Management

This standard is the basis on which the business is defined, in relation to the standards. In this aspect, the quality management system provides a framework in which further can be developed a good business practice and the application of other standards. It is a standard for the quality system and gives confidence to our clients, because the processes in the company are meeting customers' expectations. The benefits of the introduction of ISO 9001 standards are additional satisfaction of the customers, improved quality of goods and services, much more efficient processes, continuous business improvement, cost and risk reduction and stronger connections with suppliers and customers.

ISO 14001 – Standard for Environmental Protection

This standard, system of environmental management, ensures that our business is compliant with the local regulations when it comes to protecting the environment. ISO 14001 helps our company to reduce and control the negative impacts. For our customers, this is the guarantee that the significant aspects of the impact on the environment are identified. Our company has waste management plans and all necessary permits as operator for the collection and treatment of waste. This involves the proper collection, sorting and delivery of waste, implementation of waste for reuse or recycling, taking small steps to achieve energy savings by reducing paper usage, water consumption, etc. Environmental protection – ISO 14001 standard is the root of our business objectives.

OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series

This is the industry standard for the implementation and certification of the system for the safety and health management of the staff. It was made due to the need for ensuring safety in the workplace. OHSAS 18001 provides favorable contracts with insurance companies, improves relations with the state authorities, increases worker productivity by reducing injuries. During the certification, special attention has been paid to determining the level of risk in the workplace and establishing protective measures to reduce or eliminate the risks.