Three years ago the price was the main aspect in a sale. Today, it's more important service, making the difference from two products at the same price. When your client gives you trust for his work, it is important to have your own brand: to be different you need to be visible.

Our monthly capacity is about 40.000 pieces. We are in the market with our own brand, FREE-TECH, and 300 different customized box versions. We study completely all the product images to present our customer in the best way.

When new O.E.M. product is brought to market, S.E.A. is among the first to study the compatibility.

Our laboratories analyze the new type of toner, opening its own round table with engineers and suppliers to develop the right combination of materials that will lead to a product identical to the original.

We insure that the correct weight of toner is inside, the types of components and method least invasive to break up and rebuilding of the product. If the toner provides the separator, the classic strip opening, we then replace it, except for the models where this procedure would affect the maintenance and quality.

We got two plants: the headquarter is in south Italy and the bigger plant (16000 sq meters) is in Serbia. For African and Russian markets we have deposits with a big stock available. This is our way to be near to you.

We are able to support customer needs with label and box customization adding important information like weight, toner powder, page capacity. We can give all safety sheets and product report.